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Go Large!


01/01/14 – waddup

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050913 – yo.

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haven’t posted in like forever.. hahaha. 2 busy 4 lyf.

haven’t grown up, still into the same old things, BIG BANG and anime :~)

o, g dragon released a new m/v today!! :~)


Sooooo, anime,

been watching Shingeki no Kyojin cause like, who isn’t?!

I’m also watching Danganronpa, Fantasista Doll, One Piece and Free!

2 entertainin XDXD

TV shows?

Been watching Breaking Bad.

Since January, I’ve completed two series (waiting on the next seasons), The Vampire Diaries and Elementary.

They’re good. 🙂

Anyways, will post up stuff next time. won’t take me another 8 months to post again. 😀

080113 – i’m old~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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15. hah.

midnight fireworks. [ 2012 – 2013 NEW YEAR ]

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9 o’clock fireworks. [ 2012 NYE ]

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311212 – The void and back.

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Hey guys, with the school year over and this crazy apocalypse 2012 myth gone, I would like to wish you guys a safe and well new year. I really can’t wait til tonight’s fireworks. (will post up videos of it later!) But for now, I’ll post up a few things that I’ve been up to.

also, wordpress sent me this, clicky.


other than those, i’ve been watching anime and playing games.

animes completed

Deadman Wonderland

Sword Art Online

animes still going


Little Busters!

as for games, I’ve just been on Maplestory with my luminous. (ign – pixiejia)

my luminous is overpowered. 🙂

hmm, that’s all for now. l0l.

To the Beautiful You ☼

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heh, episodes 9-12 out of 16 ♥

First batch, episodes 1-4 : link.

Second batch, episodes 5-8 : link.