210912 – awwyeaaaah.

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hey all. c:

last day of school today, woke up early af ; rest up for two weeks. ahaha.

yeaaaah, no plans this holidays. :} heaps better than last holiday where I was out every single day.

sooo, play eat sleep, play eat sleep? c:

anyways, it’s late, goodnight!


“stream of consciousness.”

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Okay so, I’m REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLY bored and I really have no idea what to do and all that so I’ll just write something using a technique called stream of consciousness where writing is continuous and it’s just my direct thoughts written down. Please excuse the lack of punctuation and grammar, thank you. 🙂


stream of con·scious·ness 

noun : A literary style in which one’s thoughts and feelings are depicted in a continuous and uninterrupted flow.


let’s go. c:

hmm last day of school i do not know what to do what time is it what the hell what was that noise oh god asian tv?! what the hell what the hell what the hell what am i writing i do not know oh ew what was that concrete six forty six pm friday last day of school two weeks of holidays that i do not even know what to do with ugh why am i so tired i wonder if i can understand myself when i look back at this dumb idiot made my stuff drop dumb faggot shut up annoying dumb shit oh god what is this oh okay this this is weird hahahahahahha six forty nine oh okay good bye food.


Good luck reading and understanding this, I don’t even know

Weirdest paragraph ever from me cya for real, food. ♥

why so serious?

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why so serious?



To the Beautiful You. ☻

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heheheh, episodes 5-8 out of 16 ♥

First batch, episodes 1-4 : link.

Third batch, episodes 9-12 : link.




290812 – idkkkkkkkk..

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yeeeees, assignment due date-free until next week. ;_;

someone sue the teachers for colluding with each other please. 😥

I can hardly even focus on my work, really it’s saddening. ;l Assignment due; Me : -watching movies/anime/drama-.

I’m fearless. ~


So, I’ve just started watching ‘To the Beautiful You’. What made me want to watch it was a tumblr gif..

I told myself to stop watching korean drama after City Hunter, but look where I’m at now. LOL.

xddddd. stop gaming again, free time filled with this, whew. oh and ew, I still have some bad talking habits from gaming..

‘xdddd’, ‘xpppp’, ‘lOl’, ‘walao!’, etc (basically anything that’ll make me look abnormal.)

I’m dead tired, my gay principal made it so that if anyone came late even by a minute, will be sent home and given an afternoon detention, woooow. So now I’ve gotta wake up earlier just to avoid any detentions. & I hate my bed for this, feeling extra comfy in the morning when I have to get up.

Me : I’ll sleep when I get home.

What I really did : -Attempts to sleep-, fails and end up wasting hours staring at the ceiling. :}


Ohyeah, because of that drama, now I have Stand Up by J-Min on repeat. 😦 Reminds me of City Hunter soooooooo much.

yeaaaaaah, I’mma go sleep, nights. 🙂




To the Beautiful You. ♥

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LOL, hilarious. 4 episodes out of 16. :’)

Second batch, episodes 5-8 : link.

Third batch, episodes 9-12 : link.

260812 – this made me smile.

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Today was my cousin’s birthday so my family went over to celebrate his birthday, when we got there they had KFC and pizza. After, I went into his room to get things off his hard drive and gave him a few anime series. He cared about anime a lot, but then when he heard one of his classmates was on msn, he was excited as ever and quickly went on msn to talk to her, even though it was awkward, it was still cute to watch. Like seriously, my cousin who usually cares about anime more than anything rushing onto msn just to talk to this one girl? woooow. heheheh.
Anyways, I’m tired, gooooodnight!